“Eat a Peach….Jammed.”

Eat a peach, raw, jammed, in a pie...just eat one.

It has recently come to my attention that on the Allman Brothers Band CD, “Eat a Peach” there is a great instrumental piece called “Mountain Jam”. It is 33.39 minutes long, which is about the time it takes to whip up a simple peach jam recipe, not counting the processing time! So with the music playing I got to jammin’ yesterday afternoon.

Perfect Peaches

These very local peaches are another “foraged” fruit from my neighborhood.

Four cups of peeled & seeded peaches crushed.
This is the best pectin I have ever used…I found it at Whole Foods, but can be ordered on line. Just google the name & you will find the email address.

Pomona’s Universal Pectin (what a great name)..works with low amounts of sweeteners. I like that very much. Other pectin products I have used always call for so much sugar that the taste of the fruit for jams & jellies is completely lost. With Pomona’s you can make a great batch of jam or jelly with 2 cups of sugar so you can still taste the wonderful ripe fruit flavors.

Crushed peaches coming to a boil….
I made my jam with just one cup of turbinado sugar.
Peaches with pectin & sugar added, cooked down and ready to be jarred.
Canning gear ready to go….
Jars have been sterilized, lids as well….
Filling up……
What a color…..
Processed, cooling down….lids making that little “ping” sound that means they are sealed properly.
This morning…..
Hot milky coffee, buttered toast & peach jam.

Last night I also made some peach ice cream with some of the peaches that did not end up jammed…It was a bit decadent with whole milk, buttermilk & heavy cream…1.5 cups each, some vanilla to taste, 1 cup of sugar & about 1.5 cups of the crushed peaches that were left over. This simple recipe and my 2 Qt electric ice cream freezer made it so easy…after all that jamming I was hot so I had Homemade Peach Ice Cream for dinner!

A few simple ingredients…..
…a really good ice cream freezer….
…working it’s magic….
Dinner is ready!

The end.

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  1. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t just move in with you! This is unbelievably beautiful.

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