“Hiding Behind Julia..A Week in Postcards”

Postcard #1  ” Mother’s Day Sunday Teacup with Tulips”

Hey, all you sons and daughters…email, call, text, Skype, carrier pigeon a message to your Mother, or someone else’s Mother to tell them how much you appreciate them..It may be a so-called “Hallmark Holiday” but it’s the only one dedicated to all us Mothers…no cards necessary.

Postcard #2 “Hiding Behind Julia”

My friend Rory White sent me this amazing photograph…(he is a great photographer, artist, musician and all round interesting person..check out his blog if you don’t believe me at http://rorywhite.com/blog/)

Imagine you are one of the folks who hid behind Julia on the set of her show… handing up the ingredients for a cassoulet, steak Diane or chunks of dark chocolate..who are you? How did you come to be in that place at that time in history? What was your next career move? Are you still out there basking in the light? Did you realize she would be  the “Mother of TV Cooking” when you were there?

Postcard #3 “Beer Friday”

Some weeks are like that…long, hard, fun and frenzied…then it’s Friday..Beer Friday. How do you punctuate the end of your work week?

Postcard #4 “There Is No Way I Am Cooking-No Cooking Required, Garden Salad”

These are wax beans from our little garden…I had been testing a watermelon-cucumber salad for a photo shoot…I steamed the beans, picked a few more vegetables from the garden, added them to my “shoot” salad…no cooking required. Do you have some simple go-to, no-cook summer recipes that you love?

“Watermelon, Cucumber Garden Salad”

Ingredients: Ripe Watermelon cut into chunks

English Cucumber, seeded & sliced

Fresh mint leaves

Juice of one lime

sea salt & cracked black pepper

2 small golden beets thinly sliced

a handful of fresh wax beans, shelled

3 young fresh carrots, thinly sliced

1 mango peeled & cut into chunks


1. Mix everything in a large salad bowl, chill and eat.

Postcard #5 “A Mother-load of Pretty Saucers”

I  pondered these pretty saucers for while before choosing just the right one for a slice of pie I was styling for a cookbook. I love these random designs that I pick up from flea markets & yard sales, don’t you?

Postcard #6  “Working & Strolling Chicago Tulips”

After work stroll along Michigan Avenue…window shopping. Tulips seems to be a recurring theme in my life..much like my Buddhas. Have you noticed how your life can be full of “themes” you might not even be aware of?

Postcard #7  “A Kitchen Clean”

If I remember correctly our kitchen was clean for a while this week…otherwise it was covered with recipe pages, measuring cups, dirty dishes, food on the floor and in bowls…my work life is very messy so when my kitchen finally looks like this I feel very “zen”. What are some ordinary, homey things that make you feel serene?

Postcard #8  “Any Sunday Morning”

My perfect Sunday morning is coffee in bed (compliments of Wouter), newspaper, book, phone (for texting only) and a few hours to ruminate about everything. This is my weekly gift to myself, my ritual. It is necessary for starting a new week sedately. Do you “treat” yourself with some simple rituals to keep your life balanced? I hope so.

21 thoughts on ““Hiding Behind Julia..A Week in Postcards”

  1. I’m kind of one of those guys, a wonderful celebration Blog for all the mothers in the world

  2. I so understand the coffee in bed ritual. I have to have one day like that. Doug brings in cappuccino. I love your photos and your clean kitchen. My kitchen is clean for about 20 minutes a week! Love the all white, clean look. And, that veggie dish of color is splendid.

  3. A: i want your kitchen. how perfect and serene and clean does it look?! i love it.

    With respect to rituals, i love to warm my hot water bottle, grab a treat (ie cream egg or piece of chocolate), crawl into bed and have a nap in the afternoon and then upon waking I sit quietly in the front window on the couch with a cup of tea. yes, i am old. haha. but it makes my little heart happy.

  4. Tulips in Chicago…just beautiful the way they are celebrated in the city. One of the prettiest times I have ever been in Chicago was during the tulip festival.

  5. Love the Julia shot. Thank goodness she had higher countertops in her kitchen–more room to hide.

    As far as traditions go, we’re in transition right now (soon-to-be empty-nesters, for one thing), so we’re testing possibilities for new rituals. Fun!

  6. Loved this assembly of thoughts and images–all woven together by your delightful outlook on life. I love the rhythms of your life–energizing and thoughtful at the same time. Jill

    1. Sara, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am always so thrilled to see your photos in the NY Times. I can almost recognize which ones are yours before I see them. They are the loveliest ones!

  7. “Hiding Behind Julia” – so funny! Thanks T! It reminds me of when you and I produced tv cooking shows – in particular “Hospitality with Debbi Fields” – and you and I had to hide in the closet on the set – and we started laughing so hard at something Debbi said! Good times. And Happy Mothers Day to you – and to Debbi too (are you out there?)

  8. Your postcard journey was delightful…especially Julia and the one of colourful, happy tulips ;o)

    Thanks for sharing such a ‘Spring in your step’ salad…makes me look forward to lazy days on my patio.

    Have a great week Teresa.
    Ciao for now,

  9. a great week in postcards–love seeing the Behind Julia one, of course, but the last shot is a perfect Sunday morning composition in grays, with the one burst of color from the Times.
    who knows what postcards will emerge from your week in Atlanta!

  10. Postcard journey! Lovely post Teresa….loved the one of Julia and tulips. And what a lovely kitchen you have! Beautiful 🙂 And absolutely agree with shopping at Flea market for random props!

  11. Just loved the post card of Julia, we often forget all that is involved (especially back when that photograph was taken, in producing a show (especially a cooking show). This reminds me of the people I have worked with that live to watch reality shows,, to listen to them you would swear they are insane (the viewers as well as the show people) one guy said can you believe they did/said that??? !!! I said i sure can, after all they only have 47 cameras on the and sever cherry pickers with movie cameras filming them. He just looked at me in bewilderment! LOL
    I love your blog, and your recipes and your presentation! You have a new subscriber.

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