“Peas in a Pod Salad Fit for a Princess”

Nashville has hot, muggy Springs. Green Peas need cool, crisp weather. So, last week I was very thrilled to find one lone basket with green peas in their pods from a local farm…one basket at the downtown Nashville Farmer’s Market with these fresh, fat little pods of pleasure.

Shelling peas is a single-minded, meditative and full-of-memories activity. Back porches on early summer mornings, my Grandmother sitting quietly shelling peas and beans for lunch. She taught me how to pick the plumpest peas, how to string beans, how to push them gently out of their shells with my thumb. Last week I shelled & mused, pea-by-pea.

“Peas-in-a-Pod Salad on a Plate”

1. Shell peas until you have 2 cups. Rinse & drain. Place in a pot just barely covering peas with water. Add a pinch of sea salt &  1 tbsp of butter. Bring to a boil. Turn down to simmer for about 6-8 minutes.

2. Pour peas in a colander and rinse with cool water.

3.  In a small bowl whisk together olive oil, a fruity flavored vinegar such as peach, apple or balsamic, a bit of lemon juice, sea salt & freshly ground black pepper.

4. Rinse & pat dry tender, crisp lettuce leaves.

5. Cook a few slices of thick bacon until crispy. Remove to drain. Cut a few slices of crusty bread into cubes for croutons. Add to skillet with bacon drippings. Sprinkle bread cubes with a light drizzle of olive oil. Toast bread in skillet over medium high heat until crispy. Remove & set aside to cool slightly.

6. To assemble salad, divide salad greens evenly between plates. Top with peas, bacon cut into pieces, generous grating of fresh Parmesan cheese, toasty croutons & a drizzle of dressing.

 How do you like your peas? When you read “The Princess and the Pea” did you feel the Princess was laying it on a bit thick?  Have you ever taken the time to sit and shell peas? Did you enjoy it? What are your favorite peas?

Today is the Transit of Venus…a once in a lifetime event..unless you live a really, really long time..which I hope you do….so enjoy and eat your peas.

Cook, Eat, Share.

33 thoughts on ““Peas in a Pod Salad Fit for a Princess”

  1. I awoke this morning to find these lovely green blog photos in my inbox!!! Thanks for sharing. Shelling peas is very under rated!!

    Peas and new potatoes from our garden soon!!


  2. The lovely spring plate of delicate green peas and lettuce looks beautiful and must have tasted delicious. Adding bacon dripping croutons will win over those that don’t think they like peas.

  3. Fresh green peas in pods really have the best taste green peas can have, whichever way you decide to cook them.
    I agree with your remark on taking out of their pods too: it’s almost a relaxing activity 🙂
    Your salad looks wonderful!

  4. Perfect Teresa. Fresh peas cooked and served simply. I like them the French way too, where you cook them with oil/butter and lettuce. Somehow it just works. But best of all is straiight from the pod while I’m gardening 🙂

  5. I like my peas fresh from the pod, preferably while still standing in the garden. I’ve shelled peas many times and enjoy it. My favorite peas, so far, have been some I grew in 2008, Tall Telephone Pole Peas. Delicious!

  6. One of the best salads i have had in a long time, and the color of the beans amazing. Thank you honey

  7. There’s absolutely nothing more tasty than a bowlful of fresh peas. I love eating them even raw. Your photographs are making me drool, and I don;t say that often. 🙂

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