“A Recipe for the Easiest End-of-Summer Lunch”

Simple, very beautiful, delicious, healthy, fresh and locally grown…the  perfect lunch. Can a recipe get more simple than this?

(I think this is a “German Strawberry Tomato”, but it looks like a heart to me.)

(Any heirloom or homegrown tomato is equally delicious.)

Keep it simple, keep it fresh.

10 thoughts on ““A Recipe for the Easiest End-of-Summer Lunch”

  1. I have truly enjoyed all my varieties of heirloom tomatoes. When they are vine ripened, all they need is sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and in my opinion…your favorite extra virgin olive oil for a luscious flavor.

  2. Nice photos. I pop small cherries into my mouth straight off the vine. All a really good tomato needs is a little salt but I do like to add a few things to dress it up sometimes. I commented earlier but it didn’t seem to go through.

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