A Refreshing & Intoxicating “Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook” and a “Spicy Golden Mary”


Above is a cool, refreshing & quite intoxicating “Spicy Golden Mary”.

Below is the refreshing & intoxicating cover of the “Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook” by Nancy Vienneau (her blog is Good Food Matters). This book’s release date is just a few days away, June 17th, 2014 and will be available at your local bookstores and on-line. It’s a beauty full of wonderful stories of food and folks. The “monthly chapters” feature seasonal produce & recipes from each month of the year. You can cook your way through 5 years of Third Thursday Potluck gatherings all in one book. I was so pleased to do the food and prop styling for this book, which was a real labor of love.

Third Thursday FINAL

What do these two things have in common you might ask?

One is a much-anticipated cookbook that chronicles the stories and recipes that have been shared over the past 5 years, every Third Thursday of every month, at one of Nashville’s best kept secrets. Nancy, and her friend, Gigi Gaskins (who owns HatWRKS) started this potluck as a way for a group of food friends to get together, share incredible seasonal recipes & foods, have a glass of wine and talk. There is no set theme except for the season.  As the cover says, this truly is a potluck like no other.

To herald this book’s release I want to share with you a recipe of mine from the book. The deliciously refreshing & intoxicating “Spicy Golden Mary “.  Get the book for this and so many more enticing recipes and stories. This recipe is from July’s Chapter “The Big Tomato”.

Before we have a “Spicy Golden Mary”, here are two events you will not want to miss if you happen to live, or be visiting the Nashville, TN area on these dates….lots of fun and good food.

This one is on Tuesday night, 6/17……


This is on “Third Thursday”, 6/19 of course! Bring a dish and a drink (wine, etc) if you like and come join all of us…..


Here is how to make my  recipe,
“Spicy Golden Mary”
Orange heirloom tomatoes
1. Core and chop 4-5 pounds of very ripe yellow tomatoes. (About 7 cups).
heirloom tomatoes
2. You will also need 1 1/2 cups good quality Vodka such as Tito’s from Austin, Texas or Ketel One from Holland.
3. Puree chopped tomatoes in a food processor fitted with a chopping blade until smooth.
4. Strain through a fine mesh sieve to remove the pulp, pressing down gently with a wooden spoon to get all the juice from the pulp.
IMG_1649Whoa! Look at that beautiful golden tomato juice.
5. To the bowl of tomato juice add the following:  the Vodka, 2 tsp grated horseradish, a generous pinch of salt to taste, freshly ground black pepper to taste, 1 tbsp Serrano chili-lime pepper sauce (or 2 tsp Tabasco sauce), 3 tbsp fresh lemon juice and 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce. Taste and adjust seasonings.
7. As I was making this for a  Third Thursday Potluck evening I used two bottles to transport it to the gathering. First I made a label on my computer of a giant tomato on a gold background and added type identifying what was in the bottles. All the ingredients were listed, along with my blog name and a catchy phrase “Drink your breakfast for dinner right now!”.
I cut up some fresh limes & celery sticks, packed it all up in my antique carrier and off to Third Thursday!
Here is a toast to all the past Third Thursday Community Potluck dinners and to many, many more! Congratulations Nancy on your beautiful cookbook!

17 thoughts on “A Refreshing & Intoxicating “Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook” and a “Spicy Golden Mary”

  1. Teresa, I wasn’t going to buy another cookbook but your beautiful post changed my mind. This book looks like a “must have”, I can imagine all the work it took to produce this book. The “Spicy Golden Mary” looks fantastic.

  2. Hi Terese–This is a high point in our respective artistic careers–which converged 4 decades ago in our little printmaking studio on Second Avenue. Who could imagine in 1974 that I would one day publish a cookbook and you would style it?
    Much love, Nance

    1. I know Nance, life is so interesting! What a fun ride we have had together and apart, lives merging and separating and re-merging…the result your wonderful book…who knew this would happen? Much love back to you my friend, T

  3. Oh wow, that is something special to celebrate, congratulations to your friends on the cookbook. And your recipe contribution sounds a treat, and now I’m cursing myself for not growing any yellow tomatoes this year, I always do and for some reason decided not too. Mind you I’m sure red ones would be great too 🙂 A wonderful recipe for of kick and flavour!

    1. Claire, this book is by my very long time friend. We started out over 4 decades ago with a teeny silkscreen company (artists trying to make a living)…children, marriages, boyfriends, kids grown up and again we came together to create Nancy’s lovely, very readable and eatable book. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Teresa, this is one of those days where you look in the mirror and say “life is lovely.” It’s a story of friendship and craft coming together. The way you carted those golden Mary’s is exquisite. I’m enjoying a happy moment right now for both of you. I might try to make it over there tonight. xoxo

    1. Angela, would love to see you at some of the events surrounding Nancy’s book. I think there is a book signing at Parnassus books next week? Thanks for your kind words.

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