Summer Day, Crowder Peas

I love to shell peas. It’s very relaxing and meditative. Repetitive chores can be like that. I used to shell peas with my Grandmother sitting on the back porch on scorching summer days. It’s so easy to forget the small things we love to do isn’t it? Every summer I purchase some fresh peas to shell. It’s not something I share with anyone else as it is my time alone to think about things while gently sliding my fingernail down the length of each shell to open it up to reveal the soft, light green pea nestled inside.

Beautiful shells with all their shades of purple and brown. The peas are ready to be simmered in a bit of water with some salt & pepper and a generous pat of butter. I always freeze some for winter soups.

Here’s a link to a pretty delicious salad I made last summer using Crowder peas. (Almost No Cooking) E.A.T. Late Summer Salad with Crowder Peas, Homegrown Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Stay Cool. Shell some peas. Peace.


21 thoughts on “Summer Day, Crowder Peas

  1. Beautiful, Teresa. We always shelled peas on the front porch, I guess so we could see the world go by on old Highway 25–probably about 1 car an hour.

    1. Well, we did spend our fair amount of time on the front porch watching the cars go down Highway 70 as well! That’s where the best stories got told! Thanks for stopping by dear friend.

  2. Beautiful story. Perfect for today. I know exactly what you are talking about. I miss you.

  3. Yum Teresa! We had some tonight for supper with fried pork chops! I tell you… I saw my share of these when I was growing up. My daddy had a pea sheller we put up some many. Even got my finger squished by the daggum thing…lol! Great post!

    1. Crowder peas are like “mother’s milk” to a Southerner. A summer cannot go by without these peas along with Lady Peas and Lima Beans…Thank you so much for stopping by and stay cool.

  4. Shelling beans or peas, cleaning corn… I’m sure there are more. On the front or back porch. So many happy memories that brings up. I think you can tell we’re Southern girls, can’t you?

    1. So seems to be a thing in the South to keep those hands busy while mulling over life and having talks. Shelling peas is like having worry beads! Thanks Michelle.

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