Blog Post to Magazine Cover…Summer Day, Crowder Peas

I wrote this “ode” to Summer and Crowder Peas a few years ago…seems like a lifetime these days…2017. I was pretty pleased that one of the images was chosen for the July-August 2020 “Edible Nashville” magazine cover. It is an image that means a lot to me as it tells one of my little life stories of summer and family and how I try to continue to keep some of the strings of my current life tied to my past.

 Learning how to be alone and be a part of the process of living at the same time is pretty much a full time job these days. So, I am re-sharing this post in hopes that you will share what you are doing with me during this “summer of our discontent”. Thank you Jill at Edible Nashville for reminding me of some of the good things.

I love to shell peas. It’s very relaxing and meditative. Repetitive chores can be like that. I used to shell peas with my Grandmother sitting on the back porch on scorching summer days. It’s so easy to forget the small things we love to do isn’t it? Every summer I purchase some fresh peas to shell. It’s not something I share with anyone else as it is my time alone to think about things while gently sliding my fingernail down the length of each shell to open it up to reveal the soft, light green pea nestled inside.

Beautiful shells with all their shades of purple and brown. The peas are ready to be simmered in a bit of water with some salt & pepper and a generous pat of butter. I always freeze some for winter soups.

Here’s a link to a pretty delicious salad I made last summer using Crowder peas. (Almost No Cooking) E.A.T. Late Summer Salad with Crowder Peas, Homegrown Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Stay Cool. Shell some peas. Peace. Wear your Mask. Say Their Names. Vote


2 thoughts on “Blog Post to Magazine Cover…Summer Day, Crowder Peas

  1. Stunning photography and beautiful words Teresa. Creativity is harder to come by for me these days but I find it in smaller, simpler things. Writing an old fashioned note to surprise someone and tell them I am thinking of them has been a favorite. Making cards. Dropping off spectacular blooms from the garden to drop off in friends’ mail boxes. Audio books in lieu of my usual favorite print ones helps me stay focused more easily as my mind drifts these days. Lovely post. Thank you for the inspiration and beauty. Be well. 🌸

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  2. I too sat on the porch…it was with my mother shelling peas while sitting on the porch swing. We would have a big brown paper bag full and it didn’t take that long to finish opening them all. We would save some of the tender small ones to add as “snaps” as she referred to them. It is funny how we didn’t seem to mind the heat and it was always hot in Texas. Thanks for the memories. 😘

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