My Little Garden Greens and Wild Alaska Canned Salmon Salad

This, so far, has been one of the most beautiful and verdant Springs I can remember. A good amount of rain, lots of warm days and cool nights. This is the optimum time for growing lettuce and kale. I have a little raised bed and it has been amazing how many greens it produces. Here is the handful I picked for this and red leaf kale, butter lettuce and romaine…

I’m a big fan of canned seafood. My pantry is chock full of cans of tuna, salmon, sardines, salmon pate and even smoked herring. Canned fish and seafood are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids which are both important for our overall health. This salad is topped with a can of Wild Alaska Pink Salmon. The slight sweetness of the salmon paired with the crisp, tart greens, peppery radishes, thinly sliced cucumbers and some shaved asiago cheese is fresh, colorful and full of textural goodness. Sometimes I even use the olive oil from a can as the base for a vinaigrette salad dressing.

My salad today is not a real recipe with exact amounts of ingredients or techniques, just a meal, simple and seasonal. I plan to share a number of my favorite meals using canned fish over the next month or so….a fabulous simple pasta dish using chunks of canned tuna and tomatoes, a mock-nicoise salad, a grilled cheese with sardines….yes, it is one of my favorite grilled sandwiches!

My Little Garden Greens and Canned Wild Alaska Pink Salmon Salad


Fresh Salad Greens such as red and green kale, butter lettuce, romaine lettuce, arugula, rinsed and patted dry

Radishes and small cucumbers thinly sliced

Asiago Cheese block, thinly shaved

1 large can Salmon, drained and kept in chunks

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Vinaigrette of your choice, a baguette would be nice and a cold, dry white wine

Directions: I made this salad in individual bowls, but you could make one large one using more ingredients.

Bon Apetit!

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