Black-eyed Pea Potato Salad with Pickled Okra

2023…Happy New Year….This recipe is from a cookbook I worked on 2016 entitled “The Peace, Love and Potato Salad Cookbook”. It is very easy and quick to make and delicious for all seasons, but for New Years especially so. A definite twist on the traditional hoppin’ John, this bowl of “good luck” has the bright freshness of a salad and the coziness of a winter entree.

You can use cooked, canned black-eyed peas if you are in a hurry, or dried peas if time is on your side, frozen or refrigerated black-eyed peas cook pretty quickly and have lots of flavor. I used Marsh Hen Mill Black-eyed Peas and just reading the label is enough to make you feel better about life.

I understand that pickled okra might not be everyone’s thing, but the saltiness, slight crunch and tang is perfect with this dish.

A cold dark beer or chilled crisp white wine, maybe a skillet of cornbread will surely turn this entree salad into a hearty meal certain to increase your sense of well-being and make you feel lucky and relaxed….ready to meet 2023 with vim and vigor.

Here is the original image from the cookbook….by the amazing Danielle Atkins Photography.

And….here is the recipe for you to concoct from…enjoy, be kind and share…Happy, happy new year.

9 thoughts on “Black-eyed Pea Potato Salad with Pickled Okra

  1. This sounds like a great, refreshing salad that I would like to try. Not living in the south, pickled or fresh okra is not an item easily found here in the NW. We do have other pickled veggies so what would be a good one to sub for the okra?

    1. Hello Christina and thanks so much for stopping by Food on Fifth. Yes, absolutely, any pickled veg would be great with this..pickled carrots or green beans…or a dollop of kimchi would be delicious. Enjoy and feel free to tweak my recipe however you need to make it special to you and your family. Best and Happy New Year. Teresa

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