“eat, drink Kuala Lumpur, Melaka & Penang – the photo story continues… ”

Humid, Verdant landscape, food hawkers in abundance, the sea with its rocky shore, palm oil palms, coconut palms, little delicious meals and icy lemon tea throughout the day, temple visits, traditional wood houses, Little India, Chinatown, spice garden, markets, cold coconut water……

eat, drink, Malaysia…a photo story…

Tuesday morning, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.
These photos hopefully reflect the cuisine, style and interesting asides from Malaysia.
Around each corner delightful food carts, tucked away restaurants, fruit & vegetable vendors offering
up yet another sample of the vast array of foods that make up Malaysia. So, feast your eyes on what I have been
eating and check back for the next entry from Malaysia. Bon Apetit.

“Rainy Day Recipe Testing”

Smokin' Grill

Today was a perfect day to test some recipes for “Relish Magazine”. Groceries were shopped for yesterday, so this morning I got an early start. I tested 5 possible recipes for future publication that might or might not make the magazine. One of the most fun recipes was called “Drunken Chicken”. You might already be familiar with the “Beer Can” in the “Chicken” method of cooking a whole chicken on the grill? Basically you buy a whole chicken, a can of beer, gather some herbs and olive oil, heat up the charcoal grill and a couple of hours later you have one of the juiciest grilled/roasted chickens I have ever tasted. There were a few comical adjustments that I had to make to get the standing up-right chicken on my grill with “a lid” on it so that it would cook throughout, but you can see my “garbage can” lid in the photos. At tasting this afternoon the Relish crew gave the finished, crispy-skin chicken a #3+ which is very, very good. I bought an organic chicken from a local market and I really think the flavor was finer than the full of steroids chickens that are found in most supermarkets. Everyone agreed. Look for this recipe in an upcoming issue of Relish found at relishmag.com