“Chocolate Brazil Nut Butter” – EAT #6

Chocolate Brazil Nut Butter Spread on toast

“Chocolate Brazil Nut Butter Spread”

I love nut butters…peanut butter, almond butter, my beloved Nutella  ……all on toast of course…..come to think about it there is really not much I do not like if it is lavishly spread on toast …..but, I digress…most store-bought nut butters have quite a bit of sugar in them which is what I do not especially like.  Using some Brazil Nuts, Cashews & Pistachios  I recently made some delicious nut butters where I could control the sugar and flavors…as well as the texture….it’s as “easy as this”.

A simple recipe for “Chocolate Brazil Nut Butter”

Brazil Nuts

1. Process 2 cups of Shelled Brazil Nuts in a food processor until somewhat smooth. I like my nut butters a bit grainy and not absolutely smooth. Just do it however you prefer.

2. To food processor add 1/2 cup good quality dark unsweetened cocoa. Pulse to mix.

3. Sprinkle in pinch, or more, of cayenne pepper to add some zip.

4. Add 1/4 cup raw sugar to processor. Process until smooth

5. Spoon finished Brazil Nut Butter into a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid.

Rich creamy chocolate, buttery from the nuts, slightly sweet with just a little “bite” from the cayenne this spread is perfect with thin slices of white cheddar, spooned into bite-size tart shells for a dessert, or simply smeared on crusty toasted slices of bread.

It’s as “Easy as This”!

For making Cashew or Pistachio Nut Butters just follow the same  basic technique. These nuts are not quite as fatty as Brazil Nuts so if they are a bit too dry after processing just drizzle in a bit of walnut or canola oil to make a smoother nut butter.

“Cashew Nut Butter”

Cashew NutsCashew Nut Butter Spread

Cashew Nut Butter

“Pistachio Nut Butter”

PistachiosPistachio Nut Butter

“Stay Well”.