Cooling Mint Tea for Hot Summer Days…E.A.T. #8

Mint Tea

“Fresh Mint Tea”

Isn’t it odd how sometimes you have to get outside your everyday life to become aware of the most obvious things? Does this happen to you?

Fresh mint stepped in hot water, sometimes called a tisane, is a North African drink that is served in most sidewalk cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam. On our recent trip I sipped this caffeine free hot drink and mused on why I had never made this very refreshing and cooling drink at home. Mint has a naturally sweet flavor with a cooling after-sensation which makes it the  perfect drink for these hot summer days.

All you need is fresh mint leaves, boiling hot water and if you like, a sweetener. I used some of my homemade Vanilla Sugar. It is just as “Easy As This”.

Gather fresh mint. I cut fresh Pineapple mint, Spearmint & Peppermint from my backyard. Mint from the grocery or farmer’s market is fine too. Rinse & dry the leaves.


Heat water in the kettle. Stuff a handful of mint leaves down into each cup.

Mint Tea Making

Pour boiling water over mint leaves. Let steep for about 1 minute.

Hot water over mint

Stir in vanilla sugar to taste if desired. Honey, Agave nectar or any other of your favorite sweeteners.

Mint Tea with Vanilla Sugar

Mint Tea

Try my easy “Mint Sun Tea” for drinking iced. Stuff fresh mint leaves down into a glass container. Fill with water. Sit container in the sun for a few hours so that mint leaves can steep and release their flavors into the water as it warms.

Mint Sun Tea

Pour over ice, add sugar to taste if you like and fresh lemon.

Iced Mint Tea

Mint is vigorously easy to grow. If you do not have a garden or yard, just plant some in a pot and place in a windowsill or on a patio.

Drink your Mint and stay cool.