“The Garden Guzzle”…in the beginning there was the wheelbarrow & gardens & beer…

Downtown Nashville’s Historic Germantown neighborhood is quite a great place to live & work. It is like a small village within a big city, an island in a sea of urban development, a place that is very quiet, can be bucolic & if the residents did not have to go to work might never leave for days on end. We are a rather social group and have one signature neighborhood party that is very unique, the Garden Guzzle. This past Sunday afternoon we held the 20th Annual Garden Guzzle.

20th Anniversary of the Garden Guzzle.

In the early years of the Guzzle the residents would walk from garden to garden pushing wheelbarrows of iced beer to celebrate the coming of Summer.

As our neighborhood has grown over the years, this year we used a neighbors old pick-up truck with an iced down keg of Yazoo beer & a tub of white wine. We decorated the truck with plants & strapped an old child’s wheelbarrow to the top of the truck and we strolled, following the truck of icy beer & wine, to visit five gardens which were as varied & unique as are the folks are who live in Historic Germantown.

Garden #1 Photos….John & Jamies

Garden #2 Photos...Wouter & Teresa's

Garden #3 Photos...Rich's

Garden #4 Photos.....Gary & Thomas's

Garden #5 Photos...Werthan Lofts

From 2 til 6pm we ate, drank, laughed & did lots of talking about gardens & everything else under the sun. As the afternoon turned into evening the Guzzle was over til next year…

Parting shot....

6 thoughts on ““The Garden Guzzle”…in the beginning there was the wheelbarrow & gardens & beer…

  1. Awww, so much fun! I was bummed I missed it this year. The ‘hood looks great, as usual….and that parting shot, I feel I must get a Vespa!

  2. all the gardens and guzzling looked GREAT
    such a nice neighborhood tradition; Germantown has just about got it down now —anything you could possibly want is in walking distance. Viva the urban village!

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