“E.A.T. #2 Spicy Mexican-style Cocoa Mix”

#2 E.A.T. Spicy Mexican-style Cocoa Mix

This is #2 in my E.A.T (Easy as That) series on how to make lots of delectables at home that are much tastier, less expensive & better quality that buying pre-packaged from high-end groceries & specialty  markets.

Hot, spicy cocoa mixes…..You might know the ones I am talking about…they are packaged in beautifully printed boxes that reflect fabrics from whatever country’s spice profile is represented? Mexico, Peru,  India….I really love these very peppery hot cocoa mixes & their beautiful little decorative boxes that unfortunately contain just a few tablespoons inside for over $8.00! I received a box as a gift last year & was hooked, but quickly realized that my palate, my pocketbook  & my psyche were miles apart.

 I am one of those coffee drinkers who love a cup of strong black coffee laced with a generous dollop of hot milk and a tablespoonful of a spicy hot cocoa mix. To the coffee purists among you this is probably just too much gilding the lily, but it is the most comforting of hot drinks on still chilly early Spring mornings. The aroma is both earthy & ethereal.


8 ounces good quality cocoa

1-2 cups raw sugar

1/4 cup espresso powder

5-6 ounces good quality semisweet chocolate (I used 2 Olive & Sinclair Mexican Style Stone Ground bars)chopped into small pieces

1 generous tsp each freshly ground black pepper & sea salt

1 tbsp chili powder

1/2 tsp ground nutmeg

1 cardamom pod

2 tsp cinnamon powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper (I used almost 2, but I like it hot)


1. Place all  ingredients in a food processor. Process until chocolate pieces are ground finely with other ingredients. Remove lid, taste, adjust to your taste. Add more sugar or cayenne, espresso powder? Whatever you like.

2. Store “Spicy Mexican-style Cocoa Mix” in jars with air-tight lids. This makes a fine gift for a fellow hot cocoa lover.

3. To make a hot cup of “Spicy Mexican -style Cocoa Mix” I heat 1 to 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk in a pan over medium heat. When milk just begins to bubble around the edges of the pan I stir in 1 generous tablespoon of the mix. Stir until dissolved in the hot milk. Serve in your favorite cup or mug.

“It’s as easy as that!”

22 thoughts on ““E.A.T. #2 Spicy Mexican-style Cocoa Mix”

  1. My husband makes a very similar mix and it’s lovely, less cloyingly sweet than store bought cocoa mixes and packed with so much more flavour. I like your pairing with the coffee too

  2. Chocolate and chilies are such a good match. Sounds great. (As you can see, I was able to connect to your blog today. Yea!)

  3. I love these original style cocoa drinks. We used to sell them bake in the wine store I worked at, but it’s great to have a recipe now. Thanks Teresa!

    1. Yes, Kristy, Olive & Sinclair is something for Nashvillians to be proud of, wonderful chocolates, award-winning packaging and a great product to use when baking. Check out their website.

  4. Wow, this would be a lovely gift – I am sad that i’ve given up coffee during pregnancy (for a good cause though!) and just six months to go. I love the way you describe the scent as both earthy and ethereal.

  5. Those who know me know I am a high-octane coffee addict. I am also a fan of the hot and spicy. For this post, I love you TT, thanks,


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