A Little 2013 Food Art Calendar

January 2013
January 2013

2012 has been a dramatic year with lots of ups and downs. I try my best to focus on the “ups”, but with compassion for others I also have to embrace  & remember the “downs” which includes much suffering for so many others.

Let us hope that 2013 is a kinder, gentler year.

My best wishes to you all….

and a little gift to help you stay organized….

During the year I create small business-card size collage pieces using images cut from cooking magazines, decorating magazines, newspapers & adding drawings using Sharpies and paint pens. This is what I do when I am watching TV. I cannot just sit and watch. I must have busy hands. That is just my way of relaxing.

This is my little gift to you readers & friends. Just look to the left of my Food on Fifth Blog Home Page and click on the images in the “Box” to download and print. Each image has to be downloaded one at a time and saved to your computer. Then print adjusting size.These images work best if printed about 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 and on card stock or matt photo paper. Any heavier paper works great.Just trim using scissors or a paper cutter. I keep them in a metal clip hanging by my desk. Feel free to print and pass on as New Year’s gifts to friends.

happy new year

18 thoughts on “A Little 2013 Food Art Calendar

  1. Teresa these are beautiful-thank u for sharing! Will print out when we get home. Jose & i are in Cusco, Peru getting ready to do a 4 day trek to machu pichu to bring 2013 in! Our love to you & wouter y prospero ano nuevo!!!

  2. haha – these are adorable teresa!!

    happy christmas to you, dear friend. i am so glad we have gotten to know each other via our blogs… and while we’re both super busy, i’m so glad when you check in. 🙂

    xo – have an inspiring new year darling!!

  3. Thanks T. Always love your art (we want it for our Tennessee Artisan Market!) and I hope you can come out to the Renaissance Center and do some cooking demos in 2013 (art demos too). Hope to see you and Wouter soon. Merry Christmas week and Happy New Year!

  4. Great work Teresa. Nice Food Art Calendar. Waiting eagerly for it because I need some unique calendars for my desk & Wall. Thanks for this wonderful gift in new year by the way happy new year Teresa.

  5. Staying organized has forcefully become my middle name…especially in the last few year. Love the images…so cheerful. Thanks.

    Teresa…here’s wishing you better climbs ahead and more power to you in your endeavours ;o)

    All the very best and flavourful wishes,

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