“Balsamic-Brown Sugar Infused Peach Frozen Yogurt”

frozen yogurt peach

If you live in Nashville you might have seen “The Peach Truck” around your neighborhood? A few weeks ago they were parked  in front of the coffee shop next door to our house, The Red Bicycle, selling their Georgia fresh peaches. Bagged in paper sacks for proper ripening these Freestone Peaches, soft & fuzzy on the outside, juicy-sweet on the inside, were soon to be combined with a bit of Balsamic & Brown Sugar & churned into a soft serve frozen yogurt.


Here is how you easily peel a peach….Cut an “X” in the bottom, plunge into hot boiling water for a few seconds….

Georgia Peaches


….Remove from water & drain. Skin will easily peel away using the edge of a knife.


Here is what you will need to for a batch of “…Peach Frozen Yogurt”:

5 peeled peaches, 1 1/2 generous cups of raw or brown sugar, 1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar & 1 quart of full fat Greek Yogurt


Here is how you make it:

 Cut peeled peaches into bite-sized chunks. Put into a glass or stainless bowl.


Sprinkle brown sugar & balsamic vinegar over peaches.


Stir to combine. Cover & chill overnight.


I used this Balsamic vinegar which I purchased at Lazzaroli’s Pasta and Italian Market. It is almost like a glaze, but not quite…thicker than regular, a bit sweeter and a bit more expensive. I use it sparingly and for special recipes. It is a fine thing.


This is what your peaches will look like the next day. They are ready for the ice cream freezer. I use a 2 quart electric Cuisinart freezer which works just great. Any ice cream freezer will do.

Here is what you do next:

In a large mixing bowl combine the Greek yogurt with the peaches & juice. Mix well. Pour into your ice cream freezer and churn according to your machine’s directions. Eat immediately or within an hour or so for a soft serve which is just the best way ever to enjoy it.

frozen peach yogurt



Ripen peaches in a paper bag for a day or so to bring out their natural flavor & juice.


27 thoughts on ““Balsamic-Brown Sugar Infused Peach Frozen Yogurt”

  1. Oh Teresa, how wonderful. I like this recipe so much better than typical ice cream too. I recognize that background, and it was one of my favorites. I want to run to get that vinegar. I know a good balsamic. I once purchased in Italy for $75 and wanted to cry when we used the last drop. (By the way, I used the foil for the first time yesterday taking that blueberry galette picture while it was raining outside). It WORKED. Thank you again for sharing yourself with us. This is the first time I have ever successfully taken a photograph on a rainy day. Hugs.

  2. Teresa I wanted to come back and say, I LOVE that last shot with the empty bowl and the caption. Genius!

  3. Oh My God this looks good. I have got to buy a new ice cream machine to replace my broken one. You have inspired me!

  4. I’ve only come to love frozen yogurt over the last few years. Before that I don’t think I ever sought it out unless offered by some stranger who was unaware of my discontent for dessert. As my palette has matured, I think the wife and I now eat more than our fair share. This looks delightful. I hope to try it when I purchase a new ice cream maker.

    1. Charles, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really like the Cuisinart ice cream freezer I purchased a few years ago at Macys. It has had lots of use and keeps right on working.

  5. I can just imagine how good this must be. I wish we got wonderful peaches here in New England but most of what we get are picked green and shipped up north. We used to have peach trees in our orchard but they got a disease that killed them all. 🙁

    1. If you can find any Georgia peaches (you can order from Pearson’s Orchards) then give them a try. They can be a bit hard when first purchased, but a couple of days in a brown paper bag really brings out the flavor and ripens them wonderfully. What a pity about your trees!

  6. Oh my that looks good! and thanks for reminding me of how to get the skins off, I’d totally forgotten! And now I’m waiting for the peach season to arrive, we rely on France and Spain to import them, but they are worth waiting for!

    1. Claire, how nice to hear from you. Yes, that little peach peeling tip is so easy and doesn’t waste any of the delicious peaches as happens when using a knife. Hope your summer is good and your garden is growing. We have had so much rain that my garden really sucks right now!

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