“A Weck of a Gift that keeps on Giving” – Holiday Gift Idea e.a.t. #14

Black Eyed Peas

This gift requires no hectic runs to the mall, nor crazy lines for paying…it can be used over and over for all sorts of fun things cooks like to do…no plastic parts or batteries needed. It is reusable, handy, very smart-looking and everyone needs glass jars! Right?

Canning JarsLast December,a few of my friends got “Wecked”!  I gifted these lovers of cooking & gardening a box of Weck Canning Jars, 6 to a case, which cost around $16.50 from their website. I filled each jar with a small token, a little surprise. It is as “easy as this”.

One jar was filled with black-eyed peas for cooking on New Year’s Day for good luck, a little art piece I had made went into another, some very nice Vanilla beans, jar labels, a packet of seeds for Spring gardening & a story written by Rick Bragg  gardening & memories in other jars. I did not give empty jars, but jars filled with things that were special that I wanted to share…. small tokens, little something-somethings.

Rick Bragg Story, Vanilla, Little Art Pieces

A pile of little tokens of my esteem all ready to be tucked down into the jars.

art in a Weck Jar

I had to often gently bend, fold and push to make things fit!

Weck Jars filled with little giftsJars filled, tucked back into their box, ready to be given. I wrapped the boxes in brown Kraft paper,  tied each with some colorful twine and added a little handmade tag.

This same idea can be done with “Ball” canning jars as well. Have fun filling the jars with some of your favorite “something-somethings”.

Brown Paper & Twine Wrapping

 I hope this gift did indeed “Shine” for the receivers. It was as “easy as that”.

Happy Holidays all year-long.

15 thoughts on ““A Weck of a Gift that keeps on Giving” – Holiday Gift Idea e.a.t. #14

    1. You know Lulu this has been so much fun. I have tried out recipes and ideas that I have been noodling around in my head for some time now. Holiday Gift time was the perfect time.

  1. Teresa, You are always so full of good ideas for GIFTS. Gifts must be your love language. I think about things like this and never quite get there. I do love these weck jars. I love all kinds of jars, and maybe it’s not too late for me to get started. You are so good at this.

    1. Angela I have always loved giving gifts. When I was a little girl I would make things out of paper and glue for my mother all the time. I would wrap them up and just leave them in the kitchen for her. I suppose I see the word gift and see the word love….and it really is fun to give, more than to receive I think!

    1. I make these little art pieces while I am watching television as I cannot sit perfectly still except when asleep! It is my nature and I learned a long time ago to just go with my flow. Thanks for your really nice comment.

  2. Oh Teresa!! These are beautiful!! And so clever too! (kinda like you!)

    I know I’m not around as much as I should be these days – I’m overwhelmed with work, both fortunately and unfortunately. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi and let you know how amazing you are. Happy December 🙂

    1. Kristy, I understand completely. Sometimes my food styling work is a bit overwhelming and I just do not have time to get to my fun things in life such as my blog, but I am keeping up with you and love the new name! You are such fun to know from so far away. Happy Holidays Kristy.

  3. I indeed got “wecked” last year. I have the jars stacked on top of the fridge when not in use and think of you every time I get one out. You are so thoughtful and clever and my favorite universal expert. Hugs Jill

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