A Short Story with Salted Radishes

I found these images among so many others I had forgotten about the other day. They are from our last trip to Amsterdam to visit Wouter’s mother together.  Soon after this visit Elizabeth died. but I saw these photos and remembered going to the market and returning to her house overlooking a beautiful canal right in the city with a bag of  great cheeses, bread and these fresh, crisp radishes.

The three of us ate them as they are best eaten….very cold with a dusting of sea salt. Biting into a salted radish is a delight to the palate. Crunchy, a bit peppery and salty, they are the perfect, simple appetizer to serve on a warm early summer day with a glass of cold wine or beer. A good aged Gouda and bread round it all out.

It is funny how food can be such a memorable part of our personal histories.  Recalling what you eat, with whom, where you enjoyed it and when is a fine thing indeed. So these salted radish images reminded me of this and what a fine early summer afternoon Wouter, Elizabeth and I had just sitting and talking, sipping our drinks and enjoying each others company laughing and telling stories while every so often biting into a radish.

Bon Appetit.

27 thoughts on “A Short Story with Salted Radishes

  1. Beautiful, Teresa. I love radishes, and your photos make me think about radishes for lunch today.

  2. What a beautiful story and photos! Radishes always invoke the memory of the ever present “relish tray” at every meal my grandmother Dorothy prepared. This relish tray was considered the salad and was composed of whatever was in the garden at the time, radishes, onions, tomatoes and peppers, as well as a variety of pickled items and a dollop of salad dressing, which was literally Miracle Whip salad dressing or mayonnaise. This tray sat in the center of the table on a lazy susan along with picapepper vinegar and was meant to garnish and embellish whatever meal was being served . I’m not sure my grandmother ever prepared an actual crisp green salad, but this was the true manifestation of farm to table !

    1. Great story yourself Whitney! I had forgotten about the ubiquitous Southern relish tray…thanks for the re-memory. Farm to table before it was cool! XXOX

  3. a beautiful tribute to elizabeth….we miss her…..but we smile, remembering wonderful memories….especially love the champagne upon our early morning arrivals in a-dam!!!

    1. Oh yes those glasses of champagne were much looked forward to and were just perfect to relax after a long flight! What good memories we all have of those visits. Much love to you and Johan. I am going to plan a time with Wouter to come see you guys. He had a great time. xxox

  4. a beautiful tribute to elizabeth….we miss her…..but we smile, remembering wonderful memories…..i especially love the early morning champagne upon our arrivals in a-dam!!!

  5. Salted radishes remind me of my mother! Still to this day, she salts everything – including watermelon and cantaloupe! Thanks for sharing your story and reminding me how much I love my mom.

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