“Time Traveler…”

It's August. Thursday morning. There are pumpkins in my living room!

As a food and prop stylist I do a lot of what I call “time traveling”. I am always working in the future…if it’s December then I am working on shoots for Easter or Mother’s Day. If it is August then I am working on Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas…it is a bit surreal at times to be shopping for the future!

This past week Relish Magazine did a location shoot at my house with one “October/Halloween/Fall” day and the other dedicated to “November/Thanksgiving”. I found myself calling my friend, Tammy Algood, person extraordinare who works for the Tennessee Agriculture office here in Nashville to get help finding ripe pumpkins…she made a few calls and a week later I was meeting her husband, George, in a parking lot to make the pumpkin pick-up.  10 beautiful pumpkins, large and small! In August! As this was happening, my friend and fantastic assistant, Liz Shenk, found just the right size turkey for our recipe. I was suddenly making pumpkin pies and Relish Chef Brian Morris was carving pumpkins for a possible October Relish cover. We were all doing a bit of culinary time traveling…

Thursday, August 12…Day One

Recipes, schedule & notes...getting organized...6 am....
waiting for coffee to brew...chalk board doodling...
Mise en place for first recipe....7:01am....

The crew and Relish editors and art director arrive and we get started…we go into October mode….

Relish editor, Candace Floyd getting online....
Relish Art Director Tom Davis, Photographer Mark Boughton & Chef Brian Morris go over shots.
Relish Editor Jill Melton & Brian discuss "tweaks".
Pears Flambe & Chef Brian Morris looking good!
Delicious dessert done well...

Coming up…..pumpkin pie….

Pumpkin pie....
And another....
...and slices...
Ready for a close-up...

The day ends with a possible October cover shot….you’ll have to wait to see the finished shot, but here is how we got there.

For the finished shot go to relishmag.com this coming October…it’s  stunning!

Friday, August 13th…Day Two…

The bird is prepped & stuffed and ready to go into the oven...7:30 am.

9am everyone arrives ready to shoot Thanksgiving for the November 2o10 Relish issue.

Waiting for the bird to come out of the oven....almost done.
This is perfectly done, crispy skin, juicy inside....
Photo assistant, Matt Guider, gets the light just right on the table setting.
Sticky rice with shiitakes....
A salad with crunch pears..

Roasted fall vegetables.

3:30 pm we are finished with our shoot…Thanksgiving is over…this is the temperature outside on my backporch….in the shade.

The Kingfish says it all!

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