“Honeycomb Cocktail for Fall Musings” or To Recipe or Not to Recipe….

Do food blogs have to be recipe driven? While sipping my “Honeycomb Cocktail” my mind was wandering…..that is what a Honeycomb Cocktail will do to you….

It does seem that a good, simple recipe can wow the most jaded of audiences. A beautiful photo of that recipe certainly gilds the lily. But there are many times, when the recipes I am cooking & the cocktails I am conjuring up belong to someone else  & what I am cooking is not for me, but for a cookbook, a restaurant menu, a magazine article or ad.  While I do love my work it definitely slows down my home kitchen output. But while I am on a shoot I always keep my camera handy. Wonderful imagery abounds in ways obvious or obscure having to do with food. These images often are what inspire me to cook up a new recipe, look at an old recipe differently, see food more scientifically and humorously. Here are some recent encounters of the food kind, not so recipe driven.

P.S. Don’t miss the recipe after the photos  that got this idea percolating...”Honeycomb Cocktail for Fall Musings”

Pie on paper
Ten til Five.....beautiful stainless steel everywhere
Not to be confused with any other breader.
Chicago, on a shoot, view out my hotel window.
An image styled.....
....part of same image "un-styled".
Dried up pears from a tree in my neighborhood...on ground since last fall.
Bread Box with inspirational sayings on restaurant table.
Lots of Big Spoons.
Lots of Big Ladles.
Fresh green peas ready to be shot.
Red Stripes.
Chef's coats
"fun" written in chocolate syrup
Some folks still make real flour sacks
Kitchen in an abandoned house
Chayote was the subject
Old recipe box for home economic students
Egg & Whisk

A simple recipe for my “Honeycomb Cocktail for Fall Musings”

Ingredients: Chilled White Rum, Chilled Limoncello, Honey with honey comb



Mix together 1 ounce chilled White Rum, 1 ounce chilled Limoncello liqueur, a tsp good local Honey. Pour into a glass. Garnish with a wedge of Honey Comb. Sip and let your mind wander.


How often do you really follow a recipe?

Do you listen to music when you cook? What kind?

Do you encounter images daily that create food & recipe ideas in your head?

The more you know about food…do you find yourself eating less? or more?

Do you think you eat more than your fair share of the earth’s bounty?

Is it more important to blog often with less content or blog less often with more content.

How many times have you actually tried the recipes you encounter on food blogs?

What would you blog about it you had nothing to eat for a few days?

I ask myself these and more…

…..food for thought…


18 thoughts on ““Honeycomb Cocktail for Fall Musings” or To Recipe or Not to Recipe….

  1. Wonderful pictures…especially the dried pears and egg & whisk.

    I rarely if ever follow a recipe or use recipes from cookbooks or blogs. I’m usually inspired by things I have read or the ingredients that I have on hand in the kitchen and enjoy making something unique. But that’s just me. 🙂


    1. Hello and thanks for your feedback. Sometimes it is nice to stir up a bit of dialog among us food bloggers. I, too, work the way you do…find inspiration and then do my own thing with that inspiration…”the muse” is everywhere.

  2. I went to get some fresh honey the other day…got my homemade Limoncello and…well a darker Rum than asked for in your recipe…I’m sure I can still swing it. LOL

    Teresa…your captures are so inspirational…especially the one of the infinite dangling spoons. The un-styled shots are darling. You seem to have a very interesting profession. Surrounded by this space must surely make you very happy…well, I hope!

    Ciao for now and enjoy the nice weekend ahead.

  3. Sounds like an amazing cocktail. I love the photos of the spoons and ladles in particular. I think posts should be recipe driven only when the urge strikes you!

    1. I agree totally…and for me the urge just abandons me at times. Thanks for your feedback. I was just curious if other fellow food bloggers have these kinds of musings, mind rambles and thoughts. Again, thanks for your reply.

  4. the beauty of the blog is that it is your vision, your intention, published your way, on your timetable. stronger content/sparer postings (good writing, stunning imagery) is preferable to the reverse.

    lovely sequence of shots here. pie on paper, terrific! the cocktail is golden.

    1. Nancy, great feedback and thank you. Your comments are always insightful. I think you are absolutely correct in that quality over quantity is the best. My mind, as you know, wanders about on these and many other subjects so I am happy that my fellow food bloggers had some great feedback on my musings. Your comments are so much appreciated.

    1. That is all true, you did have a cocktail in my mind and you did not gain a pound although I think that you might have gotten a bit tipsy. I missed you Sunday and look forward to the next one with you and the Crossword.

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