Pimm’s Lemonade for a Nashville Potluck Dinner… E.A.T. #9


Nashville’s Third Thursday Potluck rolls around very month & I always seem to be at a loss of what to take…what should be my offering for this fun event?

When in doubt I make cocktails…seasonal cocktails, libations, tonics, pick-me-ups…whatever I decide to concoct it always includes seasonal fruit or vegetables, an interesting alcohol or two or three & is suitable to the month.

Maybe a Pimm’s Cup?  Wanting to make this classic British refresher even more summer-like with the addition of fresh lemonade & some local summer fruits I got to work.

Here is what I used:

Ingredients for Pimms Lemonade

1 quart of fresh Lemonade, 2 cups Pimm’s Liqueur, 1 cup Limoncello Liqueur, a handful of blackberries, sliced apples, pluots or plums, peaches,  cucumbers, orange slices & lime slices & fresh mint.

Pimm's Liqueur

It is as easy as this:

1. Mix together in a large pitcher or jar the Lemonade, Pimm’s & Limoncello. Stir well.


2. Add cut up fruit to the pitcher filling pretty full. Cover & chill at least 2 hours before serving. Pour mixture along with some of the fruit over ice in glasses with a sprig of mint.  The fruit is deliciously tasty, crisp & cold after steeping in the mixture

Printable Recipe Here


It’s summer, Drink your fruit! (It’s Gluten Free!)


14 thoughts on “Pimm’s Lemonade for a Nashville Potluck Dinner… E.A.T. #9

  1. Awesome TT. The Pimm’s cup is one of our favorite NOLA drinks and it is great to see options using this product. As usual, the shots and story are AWESOME!!!!

  2. Beautiful and refreshing drink!! I want to make this! I know of the Pimm’s Cup but have never had it before and it looks like you made a great variation 🙂

  3. Ha “drink your fruit its gluten free” too funny !! I love Pimms, and should take a leaf out of your book and make myself a seasonal libation – thanks for the inspiration !

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