September Honey-Balsamic Roasted Pears and Climate Change

It is still extremely hot here in it Climate Change. You would pretty much have to be living under a bushel basket to not have caught on to this. It’s science, it’s real and it’s with us right now. Think about it, read about it, talk amongst your family and friends about it. If you know a farmer or two, ask them what they think. How is climate change affecting them?

While I was making this very simple dessert, I was thinking about the future and food. These pears are as good as any I have ever tasted. Will they always be readily available? Will they be “special” and only for a select group of people in the future? I do not have the answer, but I do know that good, healthy, fresh foods can nourish both the body and mind.  A delicious pear is one of those things.

No peeling necessary! Cut in half and the center scooped out with a melon-baller and then drizzled with raw sugar, lemon-flavored olive oil and honey-balsamic vinegar…ready for the oven.

15 minutes later…roasted and caramelized and ready to eat. Quick and easy….now turn off that oven…it’s hot out there!

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Honey-Balsamic Roasted Pears






  • 2 firm, but ripe pears, cut in half and core scooped out
  • 2 tablespoons raw sugar
  • 1/4 cup citrus flavored olive oil
  • 1/4 cup honey-balsamic vinegar (you can make your own by whisking together honey and balsamic vinegar until emulsified)
  • Ice Cream for serving


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Roast pear halves, cut side up, for 12-15 minutes or until caramelized and a little charred on the edges. Remove from oven. Let cool in pan for a few minutes.
  3. Serve with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and drizzle any “pan drippings” over dessert.

Note: I choose pears with the stems still attached when I find them. I like how the stems look so much.

20 thoughts on “September Honey-Balsamic Roasted Pears and Climate Change

  1. Yes, we are seeing the effects of climate change right now all over the globe…in fact, we have been seeing it for quite some time but nothing like the past couple of years. And yet, in the face of all the hard scientific facts hitting us right in the face, we have an idiot in the White House that totally denies these proven studies and calls climate change a hoax! It’s totally unbelievable what he’s doing to this country..not to speak of the entire planet with all the rollbacks he’s making in our progress for clean energy, clean water, clean air, etc. etc.
    Just look what he just hit California with when they are trying to even go a step further with auto emissions, etc.
    Sorry, I had to vent a little here and I wish more people would stand up and do the right thing..I mean..don’t we all have to drink the same water and breathe the same air in order to survive and take care of our Earth? There is NO planet B. 🙁

    1. All so very true and to the point Chris. I’ve been doing mini rants recently and appreciate your passion. Hopefully everyone becomes like you. Love, love a good cause rant. Power to the people. T

  2. How beautiful and elegant. I adore fruit desserts. These look delicious! And yes, climate change. We only have a small window of time to reverse the effects but um, yeah…what Chris said. 🙁

  3. PS. Along with my rant yesterday, I also meant to say that this roasted pear recipe looks just delicious and I hope to make it when our local pears start showing up…which should be any day now! 🙂

    1. Oh I love a good rant, but thanks for the recipe comments as well. My pear tree was diseased this year and we had about 12 pears off of it, when usually we get 100’s. I was disappointed but thankful there are some in the markets now. Best to you. T

  4. I was just listening to an amazing young woman named Greta Thunberg who spoke at the U.N. climate session today, she gives me hope for the future generation, but also makes me sad she has to spend her young life imploring the grown-ups to care about climate change. I wish we could send Greta some of that amazing dessert as a thank you, but will just hope that she and her generation can also enjoy the simply joy of a perfect pear when they are our age. Go Greta!

    1. Yes absolutely Greta Thunberg should be an inspiration to us all. Her passion is amazing. And, I too, hope she gets to eat a perfect pear when she is my age (kinda old!!). Thanks sweet daughter for caring and caring. xoxo

  5. This is the time of year when I miss our orchard and the wonderful pears I had available just for the picking. 😊 Yours look delicious.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. Do you think about this sometimes too? How so many more common things we love and eat may one day just be a memory or only available to very wealthy people? Thanks. again.

      1. Yes, I do, and I am sure of it. I already see some signs of it happening, especially with fish, animal proteins and honey. Even my store’s produce section is 1/3rd of what it used to be and half of that is trimmed beans, cut up fruit, cut up vegetables, bagged salads, and so on. It’s getting harder to find simple vegetables and fruits, .Sometimes I think all the gov’t subsidies to big agra are partially from worry about how to feed the masses when our food systems slowly fail – and with so many ppl relying on fast food and prepared or convenience food that most ppl will never notice or never care.

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